Areas Covered

Aspire basement conversions provides professional and high quality basement conversion in the Leamington, Birmingham, Warwickshire and Coventry area. The talented team specialise in designing, constructing and managing basement conversions, with years of experience in each sector. The company can easily reach the locations and will ensure an excellent service from the first meeting to the finished space.

The conversion of a basement or cellar not only raises the value of a house and increases the likely hood of a sale, The conversion utilizes wasted space, that’s crucial to family homes and can add a unique aspect to any home.

All locations are easily accessible to the Aspire basement conversion team, who are an approved applicator for the UK’s leading waterproofing, tanking manufacturers. The Aspire basement conversion company include their own independent guarantee, therefore every house that uses Aspire basement conversions will be signed off by all building regulators. 

The locations Aspire basement conversions cover:

The Leamington area includes many terraced style homes, with often wasted basement space, that’s typically neglected, run down or blocked off. Interestingly, these homes typically contain a basement which has a second hidden room behind this, known as a void. The team’s experience means they’re able to excavate and transform the ‘void’ into a second conversion, by removing the soil and even adding new entrances and staircases. A conversion like this would mean a whole new space is possible for you or the family.


The historic town of Kenilworth in Warwickshire is easily accessible to the team at Aspire basement conversions, with homes that are sure to have the perfect spare spaces to be converted – not only wasted basements and cellars, but also area’s beneath staircases.  

The Warwickshire area, including Warwick, has an array of family homes which would benefit from another room for the kids to use, or even a                                                       private space made for the adults to chill out.

This ever developing town is becoming larger and more highly populated by the year, so set your home apart from the rest with a unique space in your home. At Aspire basement conversions we can design, manage and carry out an excellent and efficient conversion in any wasted space that needs some reinvention. 

Stratford on Avon

The Birmingham area has a fast growing population, and a city that is developing and expanding. A converted basement in your home would provide an individual tone to your house.

The Coventry area is easily accessible by the Aspire basement conversion team. The homes in this area are prefect for all kinds of renovation. If you’re a person who is currently renovating your home in anticipation of sale, a cellar or basement conversion is sure to increase value and sale opportunity. 

Aspire basement conversions specialise in other spaces of the home too. Wasted space in homes often goes unnoticed, but clever designing from the experts at aspire basement conversions means even the most unlikely spaces can be converted, such as spaces beneath staircases and utility rooms.

The end result of these new spaces have endless possibilities, cinema rooms, study areas and ideal spaces for luxury swimming pools and sauna’s, have been easily created by the dedicated team.

For professional, innovative and efficient management and construction in your area, choose Aspire basement conversions, who can easily provide a new beautiful space that you didn’t know you needed.

Don’t hesitate to contact Aspire basement conversions on:  01926 827 335, or to get a no obligation approximate quote you can fill out the form on the basement costs page