Aspire basement conversion can easily access the Birmingham, Coventry, Leamington and Stratford area’s, with the ranging home designs and area types.

Who would benefit from a basement or cellar conversion?

A basement or cellar conversion can provide a new beautiful space that is perfect for you or the family. The conversion can be unique to you and your lifestyle, if you’re in need of some personal space for adults or a fun and lively kids room, the team at aspire basement conversions will use their expert skills to reinvent your wasted basement into the room you’ve always dreamt of.

Houses in the Birmingham area range from modern to Victorian housing. The team at Aspire basement conversions have experience in working with homes that have wasted basement area due to the Victorian style, often an area of the home that’s blocked off for storage. At aspire basement conversion’s the team specialises in spotting these missed opportunities.

Don’t be put off by your ‘difficult’ basement or cellar,
the experience and expertise from the aspire basement conversions team also means the range of basement or cellar styles in the Birmingham area can easily be assessed, and with careful designing, planning and construction, the desired conversion will always be achieved.

Even some of the most problematic cellar or basement spaces can be transformed, with the aspire basement conversions team being able to tailor a specific waterproofing system for your basement, depending on its requirements.

Clever and stylish details are also a key factor in the transformation of your basement or cellar. The team can easily execute the addition of windows, that not only create a focal point to the room, they also act as flood lights to give as much light to the space as possible, creating a bright and radiant new space.

If you’re looking for a new and functional space in your home, utilise the wasted basements or cellars to create a fresh and straightforward room, the team can construct bathrooms, bedroom’s, studies and cinema room. A typical simple 4 x 4 metre chamber is estimated at approximately 8 weeks, whereas a 2 room 4 x 4 metre chamber is estimated at around 12 weeks. 

Simple Conversions:

These bespoke conversions don’t lack innovation, with the team at aspire basement conversions having experience in an array of unique developments, gymnasiums, sauna’s, and luxury spaces for swimming pools are just some of the many possibilities you could achieve. The time in which it takes for a conversion to be completed, is dependant on the project, when larger scale developments require professionally installed tanking, underpinning and excavation it will be a longer process

Bespoke Conversions:

To see some of the brilliant work that’s already been done, take a look at the current work and portfolio pages, with before and after pictures that reveal the true beauty in every wasted cellar or basement space.

 The aspire basement conversion office is based in the Leamington and Warwickshire area, just under an hours drive from Birmingham. The dedicated team are easily contactable by phone 01926 827 335, and provide no obligation approximate quotes to begin your journey to creating a new stunning space in your home.