Aspire Basements are leaders in basement conversions for Warwickshire. We specialise in transforming damp, unsightly basements and cellars into comfortable, vibrant and habitable living areas and creating bespoke designs for new rooms.

Make your dream of a basement conversion a reality in Coventry

You may be in need of more space for a growing family, hoping to add value to your property in Coventry, or wanting to create a set of rooms for business or leisure use. At Aspire Basements, we are experienced in designing, constructing, and managing all types of basement and cellar conversions and underground waterproofing projects, according to the most stringent industrial standards. Whatever type of underground construction project you have in mind – from a new storage area to remedial waterproofing for an existing basement – we will be pleased to offer our expertise.

We work with homeowners, businesses, architects and designers to produce all types of cellar conversions, retrofit basements, and new-build basements. Our team can even undertake excavations and extend the exiting footprint of your property for a suite of rooms. We are specialists in all aspects of basement conversion including drainage and damp proofing, lighting solutions and integration with your current structure – in fact, anything to do with basements! 

Basement conversions in Coventry

We are located in Leamington Spa, just under ten miles away from central Coventry. Ask us about our portfolio of work to hear about the exciting basement conversions we have completed in the Coventry area. Each project provides its own set of challenges such as soil conditions, high water tables, structural loads, underpinning and much more. Using our expertise with the leading products and technologies, lighting and access, our work comes with a ten-year below ground guarantee for all waterproofing systems and a 30-year product guarantee from manufacturers including Wykamol Group and Biokil Crown.

Victorian houses in this area which have a purpose-built basement or cellar are particularly suited to conversion. However, depending on conditions, we can also build new or extended basements and cellars for other types of properties. If you own property in sought-after urban areas such as Coventry you can significantly add to the value of your home or business premises through a basement conversion.

Regular basement conversions and bespoke basement conversions

If you have a wasted cellar space or basement, our team can help you turn them into an extra room for your family or tenants, such as a cinema room, a bathroom, a bedroom and or a study.  We can even create basements with extra head height for your comfort and convenience. 

Alternatively, we can help you to create bespoke designs for a fantastic new amenity such as a swimming pool, a gym, spa room, a sauna and hot tub. Using our extensive knowledge and technical expertise we can undertake excavations and extend the exiting footprint of your property for the most ambitious projects. Aspire Basements will conduct an extensive survey and conduct diagnostics to develop a plan that meets your requirements. 

Aspire Basements will design a specific waterproofing system tailored to your property, and we will guarantee the structure against water from the ground. With our commitment to using only the best products and technology, we are an approved applicator for the UK’s leading waterproofing and tanking manufacturers.

Why Choose Aspire Basements?

Through our extensive experience and industry knowledge we can advise you on the most suitable basement or cellar conversion design for your property. We have experience with projects of all sizes, a proven track record of ensuring that our basement conversions remains waterproof and we will ensure that your project is signed off according to building regulations.


For more information, read our area guide or learn about basement conversions in Birmingham. Simply fill in our online form, and Aspire will be pleased to provide you with a quote for how much it will cost to convert your basement into a beautiful living space.

For basement conversions in Coventry, speak to Aspire Basements today!