Who in Kenilworth needs a basement conversion?

Kenilworth has an array of modern and historic properties which would be ideal for basement conversions. A newly converted basement would create an exciting and unique aspect to any home in this area, including family homes who need more space for the children to let off some steam or a room that parents can rest and relax away from the fast paced work and home life.

A basement conversion is also the perfect way to add value to a home which is on the property market or be the perfect finishing touch to any newly refurbished home.

What you could get:

The team at aspire basement conversions also offer differing basement conversion types to best suit any home or lifestyle. The standard basement conversion is a straightforward conversion that could produce a room such as a bedroom, bathroom, a cinema room or a studio. These are likely to take around 12 weeks, depending on the structure and size of the basement. This is a great way to add another crucial room to a home without using an extension or losing space, as most basement areas are disused or are unable to use.


Alternatively, the team also offer bespoke basement conversions which are slightly more complex and ambitious conversions. These can include the installation of sauna’s, swimming pools and hot tubs to completely transform your wasted basement space into your very own spa. These bespoke conversions create a personal and private escape, perfect for anyone who needs a place to unwind or workout.


Don’t hesitate to view the current work and portfolio that aspire basement have already achieved. The stunning gallery demonstrates just how beautiful your conversion could be.


It is also key to aspire basement conversions that the journey from designing to completion of the basement conversion is of the highest quality. Therefore, an independent guarantee is provided by aspire basement conversions to ensure all results are safe and satisfactory. This   will also ensure that the basement will and must follow all building regulations before the work has begun to produce a legal and functional new basement conversion.


Aspire basement conversions is based in the Warwickshire and Leamington area. They can easily access Kenilworth by van in a short time, which the team uses to travel to different destinations throughout this area.

To get your no fee quote go to the basement costs tab and fill out some basic information about your basement, or contact 01926 872 335.