Stratford-Upon-Avon is a beautiful town in the heart of Warwickshire, appreciated for its historic beauty. Highly preserved to retain its rustic charm, Stratford has numerous older buildings, including a large number of Victorian properties. 

Since newer homes and traditional extensions aren’t easy in an area like this, many people in Stratford are looking to make the most from their existing homes in alternative ways.

This is one area where a high quality basement conversion can be greatly beneficial. Like other areas that feature older buildings, such as Birmingham and its surroundings, the nature of the region means traditional expansion is not possible, so making the most of your basement can free up existing space and give you a larger home as a result.

Houses In Stratford

Many homes in Stratford-Upon-Avon are from the Victorian era and can be found in traditional, terraced streets. There is little space at the front and, depending on the property, a small amount of garden space at the rear. As such, expanding through conservatories or other extensions are often not possible. In some cases, it may be difficult to get planning permission while, in others, the lack of space offers far too many restrictions, sacrificing outdoor space in the process.

However, many of these homes were constructed with large, spacious basements. Yet, throughout the years since their construction, these basements became used for storage and were not updated or treated in-line with the rest of the building. Yet this space is directly available to use – it just needs to be restored and renovated.

How A Basement Can Help

A basement can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the more common conversions involve creating extra bedrooms and bathrooms, or even additional, new spaces such as a study or cinema room.

Alternatively, many peope like to be creative and use their basements for new opportunities. With some additional work, we can install water connections to make kitchens and other spaces. Have you ever wanted a swimming pool, gym or spa room, but lack the space? With a renovated basement, you can add a sauna or hot tub to your home for some added luxury. 

The only limitation you have to keep in mind is the amount of natural light available. Victorian basements often have a small window built in as standard. This is a common style found throughout the UK, especially in traditional areas like Stratford, Leamington and further north. However, not every home has this and, if a window can’t be installed, this is something you should consider when it comes to discussing lighting options with us.

Furthermore, our basement conversion techniques also help to create more headroom, ensuring every space is fully usable, even when standing up. It’s this extra head height that also makes the space more enjoyable and relaxing.

How To Keep A Basement Safe And Waterproof

Water is a common concern for many basement owners but, here at Aspire Basements, we specialise in offering secure, safe and waterproof basements. In fact, we offer numerous different methods, such as tanked protection, integral protection and drained protection. Through various drainage systems, perimeter channels, we can protect your basement from both precipitation and ground water.

As experienced basement contractors, we know that each basement is unique. In addition to the structure itself, we also consider the surrounding landscape, the ground the building sits on and the various materials already present. A high quality basement conversion isn’t just about renovating the inside space – we also consider the long-term protection needs of the entire structure. The end result is a finished basement that, in addition to providing additional and valuable living space in your home, remains dry and free from damp.