Warwickshire is a popular area of the United Kingdom, appreciated for its gentle countryside and historic buildings. This means that homes in this area are very much in demand, yet lack the adaptations of larger, modern homes. Fortunately, a high quality basement conversion can change this, while also adding some much needed safety to your home.

Houses In Warwickshire

Warwickshire is a very historic county, so it’s no surprise that many older styles of homes can be found here. This includes a number of medieval buildings but, for the most part, the residential properties here often hail from the Victorian era. As such, town houses around 2-3 stories in height can be found in many areas, such as Stratford and Leamington. As for the county town of Warwick, this is appreciated for its older building and aesthetic. Because of this, much of the area is preserved and you will struggle to find more modern architecture.

How A Basement Can Help

These older buildings often tend to be smaller than modern apartments and, because of the need to preserve the buildings, there are many situations when above-ground expansion is not possible. This may be due to a need to protect the original appearance of the building, due to outlying greenbelt restrictions or simply due to a lack of garden space to physically build on.

However, it’s quite common for older buildings, especially Victorian era town houses, to have large basement spaces, often with plenty of height. While, today, these are often dilapidated and used for storage, they can be turned into effective new spaces, adding whole new rooms and utility to existing houses. Our conversions can also add extra headroom, ensuring any space is usable and comfortable to spend time in.

Your basement can be any sort of room or space you need. Here at Aspire Basements, we’ve converted unused basement spaces into new living rooms, bedrooms, cinemas and entertainment spaces. These spaces are easy to create and add extra versatility to any home.

However, if you want something more unique, with a little further work, we can create indoor gyms, spa rooms, saunas and swimming pools. This adds some unique, luxury features to your property that you might not be able to fit above ground, or even outdoors, making great use of previously unused room.

Making Your Basement Safe

Furthermore, at the very bottom of your entire structure, a strong basement is vital to protecting the rest of the house. It’s no secret that England gets a lot of rain and Warwickshire is no exception. This precipitation, combined with existing groundwater, can often seep into basements if they haven’t been renovated or updated. This, if left unattended, can cause major problems throughout the house, since it deteriorates the very foundations the other floors stand on. In extreme cases, your basement could be susceptible to flooding.

Fortunately, we specialise in modern basement conversion techniques, with a special focus on protecting your basement from all water threats. We focus on both the inside and outside of the structure, ensuring water can’t seep in and that drainage systems are in place to safely expel any rainwater.