The process of waterproofing your cellar or basement is crucial to the completion of your conversion and holds many benefits that will help to transform your wasted home space into a new exciting and functioning room. Basement waterproofing stops water from entering or leaving the basement walls or flooring to prevent any dampness or water damage occurring and therefore provides the perfect base for almost any type of conversion. This includes conversions that range from standard small conversions such as studies, offices or cinema rooms to a bespoke conversion such as a steam room, swimming pool rooms or sauna areas.

How do you waterproof a cellar?

The way a basement conversion typically becomes waterproof is through a process called ‘tanking’. This process involves coating the masonry of walls and the basement floor to stop any water entering the property and is usually used for domestic sized conversions. This is carried out by the experienced team of contractors at aspire basements and will be specifically customised to fit the needs of your conversion. The basement waterproofing will also be fitted in accordance with the ‘BS8102:2009 code of practice’, which will ensure a safe, reliable and legal waterproofing process. For larger scale conversions other options for waterproofing may be required, such as integral protection, which includes the addition of steel water bars within the specially made concrete to create a waterproof shell.

Why should I damp proof my cellar?

Damp proofing a basement offers a huge amount of benefits in terms of dampness and water damage. This is because a fully waterproofed basement will prevent dampness within the new room and therefore stop any damage it may cause to the surrounding walls or flooring, meaning the conversion will be long lasting and won't require any professional or perhaps expensive speciality work to be done to correct the damage. A damp proof basement also means that no unsightly or unhygienic damp patches will build up in the new conversion causing your new dream space or unique decor to be ruined by bad odors or ugly stains.

Who will damp proof my basement?

The team at Aspire Basement conversions can deliver some of the most experienced and talented contractors in the basement damp proofing industry. Their expertise in waterproofing will ensure your conversion is of the highest quality. The cellar waterproofing process will be managed by the team at Aspire Basements with all steps being specially tailored to your unique basement conversion and design, from the choice of waterproofing to the application and completion. These contractors also have a wide range of experience with different types of basement conversion projects and will therefore easily assess and design the perfect system for you, whether you desire a standard conversion like a new office or a bespoke conversion that will require a little more technical thought.

Can any type of basement be waterproof?

Due to the many different ways Aspire Basement contractors can waterproof your conversion, it is likely that almost any basement can be easily waterproofed. The ranging types they offer, from cellar tanking to integral structural waterproofing means that not only small and simple conversions will be able to benefit from waterproofing but so will larger more complicated basement conversions.

To get in touch about basement waterproofing and damp proofing, or to gain information about your dream conversion, don't hesitate to contact the team at Aspire Basements through the contact page.