Why would people want a swimming pool in their basement?

The addition of a swimming pool basement is a unique and exciting way to reinvent your wasted basement space. A swimming pool in the basement offers the perfect area for any household to enjoy some fun family time or it can be a great way to unwind and relax – your very own spa at home. Your own personal swimming pool in the basement also means that whatever the weather, there is no need to hesitate when it comes to swimming, the expert team at can easily design, construct and manage the best swimming pool for your specific basement area.

How do they install a swimming pool in a basement?

The team at aspire basements have had years of industry experience and can guarantee a service and outcome which is of the highest standard. The aspire basements talented designers will help to provide some basement swimming pool ideas to ensure your swimming pool is tailored to you and your desires, ensuring you have the pool room you’ve always dreamed of.

The ambitious and unique conversions such as the additions of a swimming pool; means the basement swimming pool construction may require the team to undertake the task of excavation to extend the existing footprint of the home to ensure the perfect basement swimming pool design. The installation and tanking process follows this. Its also possible to reinvent some other aspects of the room such as incontinently low ceilings - the experience and careful planning from aspire basements mean you have many options regarding low ceiling solutions.

The tanking process is the technique, which is used to ensure no water damage, dampness or water related issues occur.  This is carried out by industry professionals who use a waterproof membrane to cover masonry and floor surfaces, which ensures no water enters or leaves the property. This excavation and tanking process also allows for other exciting renovations to be made, such as sauna’s, steam rooms, hot tubs and gyms too.

What is the average cost of installing a swimming pool?

The cost of installing a swimming pool into a basement varies due to size and design. The best and most efficient way to get a quote on a  basement swimming pool cost, is to contact the team through the ‘basement costs’ tab and fill out the form with some basic information to receive a quote on your specific needs.

How long does a swimming pool take to install?

Similarly, the time in which it takes to fully install an indoor basement swimming pool is dependant on the size and design of your personal conversion. This bespoke transformation is likely to require underpinning, tanking and excavation, which can increase the whole process finishing time. In terms of average timings a more simple conversion will take up to around 12 weeks.

The team at aspire basement conversions are always eager to embrace new projects and conversions, take this opportunity to get in contact through email or phone.